Monday, August 15, 2016

Return of the Translation Reminder chrome extension

Let me introduce you totally redesigned and overall improved Google Chrome extension - Translation Reminder (in web store - Translate - Highlight - Remember).


New version comes with a number of new features and changes such as:
 - attach image to the text
 - customize highlighting style
 - translate and look up definition with Glosble
 - edit translation
 - learned texts stay in dictionary
 - export dictionary into CSV file
 - improved highlighting mechanism to make it less possible to break pages
 - disable highlighting on the site from extension popup

More details can be found on my dev blog.

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Helps you to learn new words

Translation Reminder is an extension designed to help you learn new words.

This extension gives you ability to select any text on the page and define it for future using. You can either use Bing translator or specify definition manually. After translation is specified you just press Enter and thereafter selected text will be highlighted and whenever it's met in other pages it will be highlighted as well.

Currently the extension is available for:


You might find it helpful if you learn new language or new subject. When you have a lot of new words it is hard to memorize all of them and keep up learning. 
 Translation Reminder can help you with it by highlighting the words you don't know and displaying definition of those words. Thereby you can always focus on the words you don't know and see how frequent hence important they are. 
 How to use:
 - select a word on the page holding the Ctrl key
 - in appearing for specify translation/definition or use Bing translator to get translation
 - press Enter

 - words highlighting
 - word hits counting
 - personal dictionary
 - build in Bing translator
 - options page (change language of translation)

 Hope you will find it useful and helpful. 

 In my turn I will continue working on improving existing functionality and adding new. If you have the ideas how to make it better feel free to share them. I would appreciate anything that could make Translation Reminder better.